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Integrate qualified, highly motivated and well supported, health & medical care program, community service with Worldmed; just we will make an arrangement for your interest in Nepal.

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Worldmed Assistance, Volunteers enjoy a good standard of living, experiences, and support from us with our services in the field of projects in Nepal. We offer various rural destinations volunteering program with health service to our fellowship.

We are offering a variety of volunteering program & health services. Here are our few works and feature projects.

  • On Site Assistance

    Teacher Development Program

    Areas internationally, within Nepal grounded professional development training program, formal activities such as workshops, seminars, teacher training and skills.

  • On Site Assistance

    Charity Travel & Trek

    We offer and organize travel and trek event for the charity initiative towards the community development.

  • On Site Assistance

    Childhood Development Program

    Be a part of our childhood development program in order to protect the children rights, education and poverty in Nepal.

  • On Site Assistance

    Women Empowerment Program

    Under this program we focus for empower women, improve their basic hygiene and health habit and health care, and also make an awareness of fighting for high rates of infant mortality.

  • On Site Assistance

    Cultural Exchange

    Exchange between the people of local community and their culture, tradition and lifestyle.

  • On Site Assistance

    Community Service

    Simply we are there to provide you with complete support, Teaching program, reconstruction, rebuilt and manual work program.

  • On Site Assistance

    Health & Medical Care Program

    Offering a health camping and different medical care program

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Why volunteering with the WorldMED?

1 year = 365 opportunities 

Health Service & Volunteering Program by Worldmed has been set up in order to provide complete services to the fellowships. Volunteers in Nepal is quite work hard but can also have time to socialize with other volunteers, local, community, people and enjoy living in this stunning landscape, mountains, with its backdrop featuring ten of the world's tallest mountains.


New Sustainable Development Goals


Community Level, Program, & projects


Knowledge of Local Languages & Culture


You can contribute your time, skills and knowledge through volunteering with us. This is an opportunity to create positive impact in society and being a significant force for achieving peace and development. Make a difference to the lives of many! Make a Change!

Know More about WorldMED

Worldmed Assistance provides complete travel, medical, security, and roadside assistance to groups and individuals, corporate houses, insurance company & assistance provider. Our multilingual staff is comprised of travel professionals and medical healthcare who are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We are travel assistance company providing immediate and professional assistance services in Nepal with its ownership & management is Nepalese and we have been recognized by several insurance' and assistance companies as their emergency medical assistance provider in Nepal. Get to know us a little better!

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Worldmed Now seeks for all the international Fellowship Partners throughout the World. Nepal is a magnificent destination for Volunteerism and creative projects.

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We believe that our organizational service will lead to a better height of performance with customer excellence and needs which improves the productivity, satisfaction, and operational capability to measure the success.                                 


We would relish the opportunity to work with any company which will work to better meet individual and business needs. So, we are capable of bending that enables both individual and business needs to be met through making changes to the time.    

Years of Experience

We combine many years of experiences in Travel & Medical Assistance Consulting with a high degree of competence in Service and Implementation with its selectively compiled team.   

If you are on your trip and have an emergency, please contact our 24/7 Global Response Number at (00977) 9851248606. You can also email us for emergencies at
Independently owned and operated with over years of experience