​Nepal is one of the Cheapest, affordable and best in the medical tourism industry which offers the tourist, local travelers, hikers, and nature lovers. Due to the low budget in the treatment, most people come to Nepal to check up from all over the world in order to save the cost compared to develop countries. Healthcare in Nepal saves patients between 80% to 90% of money compared to the cost of similar service in other countries. Like Europe, USA, Middle East making Nepal is one of the most visited countries for health care which is taking its best position to target the Medical Tourism Nepal 2020.

Tourism in Nepal plays a vital role in keeping the balance of the economy of the country. Nepal can attract a large number of foreigners if it can promote the Nepali hospitals, which provide quality services at affordable rates, skilled and well-qualified doctors, customized services, use of the latest technologies. Such a flow of tourism for sightseeing and medical treatments will capture the attention of policymakers, researchers and the media. It is the fastest-growing segment of the Nepalese tourism sector.

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