Emergency Assistance Program Specialists are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year. We provide travel emergency medical assistance as well as concierge services and legal referrals in Nepal. We can also arrange for ticket/itinerary changes, help with emergency transfer of funds, supply information on embassies/consulates, advise of current weather and provide other travel-related services. Hence we will provide complete assistance on a local scale to a diverse range of leisure, corporate and NGO clients.

We have proven our expertise and experience in a number of companies in term of our services in rescue and evacuation world. We believe that the length of our service agreements is proof of the positive effect of our activities on our clients’ business.

So we believe in keeping the customers happy and providing them with best services, we do offer various services from our end. A well versed and characterized by experienced and trained personnel always striving for the best with efficiency and dedication, we do offer various services such as:

Our Services

We understand the needs of travellers and insured affected by various factors and disruption while in overseas. So, we strive to deliver satisfaction and peace of mind at any time of the day anywhere in the nation:

Case Management & Handling

Worldmed Assistance has its own integrated case management process that facilitates recommended treatment plans and reassures that appropriate medical care and services are provided to ill or injured individuals.Every case Worldmed assistance handles, is followed-up and managed separately. We're taking the utmost care of each case and leave no room for errors. The medical conditions of clients are monitored until the day of discharge from the medical facility and all this information is relayed to the requesting parties.

The planning and coordination of health care services appropriate to achieve the goal of medical rehabilitation may include:

  • Evaluation of one’s condition
  • Medical transfer or evacuation
  • Admission to recommended facility
  • Treatment progress monitoring

Air & Ground Ambulance (Evacuation & Transportation)

Worldmed Assistance (Medevac), the air ambulance service, provides 24/7 and immediate evacuation or repatriation of patients.

With the highly experienced in emergency evacuations medical team providing the necessary care to the patient and the experience of our operations team, we are in position to:

  • maintain the highest possible level of safety
  • be fully prepared for any kind of evacuation
  • Find ourselves on top of the patient transfer services.
  • Well-equipped Helicopter Evacuation from different parts of Nepal with medical escort (If needed).
  • Air Ambulance arrangement for Nepal.
  • Commercial Flights
  • Stretcher arrangement

Worldmed Assistance is able to organize air ambulance services, both from Nepal and the neighboring countries promptly. The road ambulance service is generally used for short distance transport. Due to the poor quality of Nepal roads, especially in smaller towns, road ambulance providers have to install specific medical equipment. Evacuation and repatriation services include patient transfer and cover all the necessary medical and non-medical procedures. Hospitals in remote areas, rural areas and small cities are often in no position to handle serious medical problems. Hospitals in major cities (Kathmandu & Pokhara) provide the highest quality of medical services. For this reason patients with large medical problems are being transferred to the hospitals in capital (Kathmandu City) only by Worldmed Assistance

Organizational & Concierge Services

Worldmed Assistance, provide further other services, these are enlisted – Medical Repatriation, Fund transfer to hospital and Doctor, Cash Advance, Cost containment, Hotel Arrangement& Reservation,Local Travel Arrangement,Flight Booking & Ticketing, Taxi Transfer, Translator availability on need basis (Translation Services), False Claim Control, Online medical and security information, Travel safety and tracking, Crisis management & Cost management, Government Permission & Information, Funeral Arrangements, Restaurant referrals and reservations, Event Ticketing, Ground transportation coordination, Floral Services, Private air charter assistance, Movie and theater information and Local activity recommendations.

Volunteer Services in Nepal

We provides complete service and support to the volunteers throughout in Nepal about the community, cultural sensitivity, rules and regulations of the country, socio-cultural and economic aspects of the society.We believe in building capacities through mutual relationships with communities based on trust and mutual understanding.

Rural Health Services

Despite the substantial differences between developing and developed countries, the key themes in rural health are the same around the world. Access is the major rural health issue. Even in countries where the majority of the population lives in rural areas, the resources are concentrated in the cities. All countries have difficulties with transport and communication, and they all face the challenge of shortages of doctors and other health professionals in rural and remote areas.

Health care services in Nepal are provided by both the public and private sector and fare poorly by international standards. Disease prevalence is higher in Nepal than it is in other South Asian countries, especially in rural areas. Moreover, the country’s topographical and sociological diversification helps to promote periodic epidemics of infectious diseases, epizootics and natural hazards like floods, forest fires, landslides and earthquakes. As Nepal is a developing country in which half of the total health expenditure is from out-of-pocket payments. Thus, the Government of Nepal recently introduced universal free health-care services up to the level of district hospitals, and targeted these services to poor and marginalized people in regional and sub-regional hospitals. We have difficulties with transport and communication, and we all face the challenge of shortages of doctors and other health professionals in rural and remote areas. Many rural people are caught in the poverty– ill health–low productivity downward spiral, particularly in developing countries.

So, WMAN main objectives is to serve in the remote areas of Nepal so that skilled health workers can always present in the remote areas to provide the necessary needful for the needy people in the emergency and made the rural poor of Nepal its target for assistance, focusing on key needs in healthcare, child education and income generation. Though private sectors are also not ready to provide health service to rural people due to attitudinal problems of the people as well as financial reasons. But we are making the changes in our thought and action. So some specific measures are needed to improve rural health services, to reduce maternal and infant mortality rates and to address the HIV/AIDS pandemic as well.

Helicopter Tour and Charter Services

Do you want live experience, adventure, romance in a unique way? Take a helicopter flight and have an aperitif at the top of the majestic Everest or right on the eternal ice of Glaciers! Take an air tour over the outstanding Nepal landscape and see gigantic structure of Everest from a different perspective. Our Helicopter Tours in Nepal are designed to create memories that will last forever!

WMAN gives you an exclusive opportunity to bask in the splendours of nature and experience heady airborne explorations of Nepal’s dotted travel destinations from the comfort of a helicopter. You get to feast on the awesome vistas of snow-capped peaks, glaciated passes, quaint village settlements and panoramic landscapes. From aerial sightseeing to heli trek, we offer you outstanding travel options. Our helicopter tours are safe and comfortable as we are the pioneer for helicopter sightseeing tour in Nepal’s Himalaya. It is design for those people who have limited time or who don’t like to stroll upward and downward in the difficult Himalayan trails and The helicopter tour/trek can be run to shorten the trips, which otherwise may take longer days. Since, the chopper needs only a small landing space, it can be hired to take tourists to whichever destination at any time they are willing to go. No wonder chartering a helicopter for sight-seeing / heli-trip have become a popular tourist activity in Nepal.

Our team is very reliable, highly motivated and focused with single minded approach towards the task. A team so cohesive feels and shares a sense of extended family.

Our Solutions

Discount Agreements

Discounts are provided to us by medical facilities and doctors, who are members of our preferred service provider’s network. The discount rates are defined in the service provider agreement and its facilities.

Cost Investigation Services

We handles investigation of invoices received directly from the insured or sent to us by our partners, in order for us to determine whether the invoices coincide with the treatment and services givenand whether the invoices and reports are originals or not, whether the cost is reasonable and customary or not.

Medical Cost Monitoring

Wemonitor treatment costs regularly to prevent the occurrence of excessive invoicing and we automatically screen the medical expenses for discrepancies on a line-by-line basis, including, but not limited to unnecessary testing, treatment, excessive charging and duplicate charged billing errors.

Cost Break Down

Our system is based on a line-by-line control of the proformas. Two medical doctors perform double- and cross-checking in every single file. Statistical back up and second options are the other instruments we use in our cost containment system.

Our Approach

No Matter where and How, We reach First There to Respond!

Our approach is focused on meeting international insurance and various companies and local nationals’ needs by providing complete medical and travel assistance and ensuring access to emergency needs by providing 24 x 7 services as possible in the context of Nepal at the moment. We believe in making it easier for organizations to work and grow on an international network level. We can help you achieve your goals by providing the services to your insured for travel and supporting them whilst they are in unfamiliar and remote locations. We help to keep them comfort and safe travel.


We believe that our organizational service will lead to a better height of performance with customer excellence and needs which improves the productivity, satisfaction, and operational capability to measure the success.                                 


We would relish the opportunity to work with any company which will work to better meet individual and business needs. So, we are capable of bending that enables both individual and business needs to be met through making changes to the time.    

Years of Experience

We combine many years of experiences in Travel & Medical Assistance Consulting with a high degree of competence in Service and Implementation with its selectively compiled team.   

If you are on your trip and have an emergency, please contact our 24/7 Global Response Number at (00977) 9851248606. You can also email us for emergencies at assist@worldmedglobal.com
Independently owned and operated with over years of experience